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Christmas is right around the corner and many just like you are out looking for great gift ideas. This year, Christmas in the United States is celebrated on December 25th 2012. Get an early start by checking out these great gift ideas for your mom.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

1. Build her a garden

It is a boring tradition to purchase your mom flowers for christmas. Not only are they expensive but they end up lasting only a few days before they must be tossed. This year get mom the gift that gives year after year. Stop by your local nursery and pick up an assortment of flowering plants such as roses. Sneak over to your mother’s house the day before mother’s day and create a small garden and plant your bushes. When she wakes up in the morning she will be delighted to see her new garden and will enjoy it for many more years to come.

2. Have a little cyber time with mom

Perhaps you are separated by several hundred or even thousands of miles and can not make it home for this special day. Stop by your local electronics store and pick up a web cam. Mail this to mom and set up a time for the two of you to Skype. This is an excellent time to get all of the family members together including the kids and or grandkids. Your mother will be delighted to see all of your smiling faces. Web cameras are rather inexpensive these days, often costing less than $25 from Wally World.

3. Pre package her favorite meal

You may be a great cook. Why not use this to your advantage and cook your mom’s favorite meal. Whatever you choose, be sure that it can be frozen. For instance, lasagna makes an excellent frozen dinner. Cook it up, let it cool and create portions that can be frozen and easily thawed. She will be glad to have a break from the every day routine of cooking for her and perhaps your father. This is one gift idea that is sure to please.

4. Order premade food

Even if you are not the best cook you can still provide mom with some really great meals. Thanks to companies such as Omaha Steaks, you can order food and have it shipped right to her doorstep. The food is typically packed in a disposable foam cooler with dry ice in the bottom. Ensure that your mother will be home prior to sending this gift in the mail. The last thing that you want is to have your mother arrive home to a box of rotting meat!

5. A flower arrangement that lasts

These days, it is becoming increasing acceptable to purchase fake flower arrangements. These arrangements will last for many more years to come and will not have to be thrown out after a few short days. Stop by Michael’s and pick out your moms favorite flowers. Often times, it is difficult to tell the difference between real flowers and fake ones. Create a beautiful flower arrangement that will catch your mother’s eye. If you are not good at creating arrangements then consider allowing a florist to do this for you. Bring your supplies in and throw them a few bucks for their time.

6. High tech photo album

These days, photo albums are out and more people are going digital. Even if your mother is not tech savvy you can give her a great gift that she can use. Pick up a digital photo viewing device and load a ton of pictures of you and your family on it. A digital picture frame makes an excellent gift and is available just about anywhere for under $100. Be sure to show mom how to use this device before giving it to her.

7. Jewelry with your picture

Here is an oldie but goodie gift idea. Pick up a locket and insert he picture in it. This is one gift that she will wear every day with every wardrobe. We all know that moms love jewelry, making this one gift idea that you can not pass up. Find an old picture of you as a child and she will be surprised to see it when she opens up this locket. It will make a great conversation piece when she is sitting around talking to all of her friends about all of her children.

8. Pen Set from Vera Bradley

What woman is not into Vera Bradley? Does your mom have ever Vera diaper bag available on the market and can’t get enough of this stunning designer? Why not get her a non traditional gift that she can use every day as a mother’s day gift idea?

A Vera Bradley pen set combines fashion with a practical gift. These can be purchased for around $25 at just about any major retailer who sells her products.

9. Eco friendly OBOEbag

Is your mom a real hippie who loves everything from the flowers to the trees and the bees? She will surely love this gift idea from OBOEbag. Get her this fashionable multi purpose bag and she can do her part to save the planet. She can take it with her next time she goes shopping and put groceries in it. Transporting this bag is easy because the bag comes with another eco friendly bag to transport it in.

10. Relax with a pocket hammock

Your mom can be just a few short seconds away from a tropical vacation when you get her the pocket hammock. This cool device is small and compact, fitting into even the smallest purse. Whenever she desires she can unfold it and stretch it between two trees. She can relax just about anywhere that she desires. You will be surprised with how much this device expands.

11. The gift of music

There is a good chance that your mother is into MP3 music player such as the iPod. One great gift ideas that she will love is a gift card from ipod. These cards can be purchased in several different increments $25 being the most common. If you can only find the $25 cards, pick her up a couple. $50 will go a long ways when it comes to purchasing songs that around a buck a piece.

12. Something to hang her jewelry on

There is one thing that your mother probably has plenty of and that is jewelry. If she is anything like my mom she probably has a difficult time trying to figure out what to do with all that jewelry lying around. A jewelry tree makes the perfect gift for a mom who is looking to organize all of her precious metals. Not only is this helpful but it is also stylish. She will love to look at her jewelry, even when she is not wearing it.

13. Customized wine glasses

Many moms love their wine. Why not get her a customized glass that has her name on it. Next time she has one too many she will always know which glass was hers and will not have to risk drinking out of someone else’s.These make an excellent gift ideas for just about any other occasion besides mothers day. Pick one up for her birthday or even as a Christmas gift.

14. Wow her with Pandora

Recently, the Pandora bracelet has really taken off. Women of all ages sport these shiny sterling silver bracelets which tell a unique story about them. This makes the perfect gift because you can buy her additional beads for every occasion. Get her started with the Pandora bracelet and perhaps a charm that says “mom”. This will be a great conversation piece that she can use when speaking with other moms about their children.

15. Magazine subscription

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Sign her up for a magazine subscription to her favorite magazine. Give her a 12 or 24 month subscription and she can enjoy this gift for many more years to come. Moms love magazines and what better way to show her that you car than to give her something that she can learn from while enjoying. Plus you can really save a ton of money when you purchase your subscription online.

16. Pick up her favorite DVD

Is you mother a movie lover? If you can think of one movie that the two of you really enjoy watching then pick it up and give it to her as a Mother’s day gift. Think back to your childhood and pick out a movie that you recall watching with your mother. Take it over to her house and watch it with her on Sunday. Surprise her with this wonderful gift that will spark great memories in the future when she watches it.

17. Neck or body massager

Everyone can not afford a personal misuse to rub us down every time we have an ache or pain. We can however pick up a device that gives us the chance to experience the same relief that people pay hundreds of dollars each year for. Pick her up a neck or body massager and let her drift away as she relieves her aches and pains. These devices are fairly inexpensive and can really be a great gift for any mom.

18. Give her beans

Coffee beans that is. Coffee lovers of all ages enjoy a cup of Joe once and a while. When it comes coffee, no one does it better than Starbucks. These gift cards can be purchased at your local Starbucks store, purchased online or found at big box stores such as Walmart. Get her a card for $50 or whatever you can afford. She can use it several times and even share it with her friends. $5.00 in coffee can spark hours of conversation with her friends.

19. Her favorite fragrance

Yes, this gift idea is not very original but is time tested. Smelling great is top priority for most mothers and you can help her achieve this by getting her a great smelling perfume. There are of course hundreds to choose from including flowery scents to fruity scents. If you are not that great at picking out such a gift, bring someone along who is or simply ask the sales person for assistance.

20. Relaxing music compact disc

Being a mom can be stressful. Take the stress off of your mother by giving her something to listen to. Relaxing classical music or perhaps oldie hits are just what the doctor ordered. This is a fairly inexpensive gift that she will surely enjoy. If she does not have a CD player then this would be a great time to pick one up. There are plenty of collections out there that will of great quality and will make a great gift.

21. Fitness equipment

Perhaps your momma is into health and fitness. There are numerous fitness products available that she can benefit from. From work out videos to exercise balls, there are a ton of options to choose from. Simply watch a few late night infomercials for great ideas. A simple exercise ball is about $20 and comes with instructions that allow her to do dozens of exercises. Don’t get her anything that will overexert her.

22. Cook book with lots of great recipes

Chances are that your mother is a great cook. After all, she raised you and likely other siblings. Cooking can be a fun and relaxing activity that the both of you can enjoy. Pick up a cook book and bring it over to mom’s house on mother’s day. Let her pick out a recipe and the two of you can have a great Mother’s day cooking up a great meal and enjoying it together. This will give you time to bond with your mother while giving her a gift for the occasion.

23. A simple phone call

Perhaps the least expensive and most meaningful gift you can give your mother is a phone call. Many of us do not call our mothers enough and mother’s day is a great time to remind her of how much she is appreciated and is also a great time to apologies for not calling more often. If you are on a budget then this can be one of the cheapest and best gifts that you can ever give a mother. Every mom needs to know how special they are and simply dialing 10 digest may be all that it takes.

24. Prepaid cell phone for mom

Stay in touch while ensuring that your mother is never without a phone. There are lots of great prepaid cell phones out there that will do the trick. One of my favorites is straight talk wireless who allows you to talk up to 1000 mins, use 1000 texts and also have internet for a flat $30 per month. She can get unlimited service for only $45 per month. Get her a phone and few months of prepaid service.

25. Bottle of wine

We all enjoy a bottle of wine once and a while and what better gift to get mom. Wine has been given as a gift for centuries and you can continue this tradition. There are literally hundreds of different wines to choose from so you will need to know what she likes. Does she enjoy wine a bit on the sweet side or does she really like the dry stuff. Red wine or white wine? Does she enjoy a bit of cheese with her wine? This can be a great complementary gift.

26. Scentsy candles add scent to her life

Perhaps you have heard about the latest fad that is sweeping across the nation. Scentsy candles are not exactly candles. In fact, no flame is involved. These cool devices are a lot like a glade plug in but have a dish that holds wax. Simply break off a piece of the wax and allow the low wattage bulb to heat up the dish and melt the wax. After just a few minutes her house will smell great for many more days to come. These refills last for a long time and are extremely fragrant.

27. New silverware set

Over the years silverware becomes tarnished and pieces end up missing. It is likely that her silverware set is 20 year or older. Pick her up a new set so that you and you family can enjoy many more dinners with her. A good silverware set can be purchased on sale for less than $100. Shop the mother’s day sales and look for a deal. Belk often has ½ of silverware deals year around so you can get started early with this gift.

28. Tear drop earrings

Getting your mother jewelry is a fail safe mother’s day gift. If you are not up with fashion you probably don’t know that tear drop earrings are quite popular these days. They come in many different styles and materials including sterling silver jewelry. When purchasing anything sterling silver ensures that it has the numbers 925 stamped on it somewhere. This indicates that the product is constructed of sterling silver. You will never have to worry about these earrings turning her ears green.

29. A special poem for mom

If you are poetic type you can create a personalized touching poem that she will absolutely love. Print out your creative masterpiece and frame it in a fancy frame. Present this great gift idea to your mother by reading it to her and the letting her choose a special place in her home to post it. This can be one of the most meaningful and lest expensive gifts available today. You really can’t go wrong with anything personalized.

30. Personalized coffee mug or t-shirt

Is there something that you really want to tell your mother this mother’s day? Why not say it on a t-shirt of coffee mug. Many photo developing stores such as Walgreens offer this service for their customers. A word of caution is that you should order yours early because these places can get quite busy this time of year. Allow at least 4-6 weeks for delivery when choosing this gift. Many stores offer rushed shipping which can be a great option if you are getting a late start.

31. Let her snuggle up with silk pajamas

There is one thing that is missing from many peoples mothers wardrobe and that is cozy pajamas. What could be cozier than a pair of silk pajamas? Silk is the ultimate material when it comes to comfort and she will really appreciate this gift. These can be purchased for as little as $60 and will surely be a gift to remember. Your mother will rave many times over about this gift.

32. Gardening gloves

Does your mother have a green thumb? Most of us have the cheap jersey gloves or perhaps a set of Walmart special gloves. Why not get her a quality set of gloves that will last for many more years to come? Gardening gloves really come in handy to keep all of the dirt and critters off of mom’s hands. She will surely appreciate this gift next time she is picking through a rose bush and avoids getting pricked by a rose thorn.

33. Purse hanger

Purse hangers recently emerged and can be seen everywhere. When your mom goes to a restaurant where does she place her purse? Most women simply put their purse on the floor or chair next to them. This is no way to treat a purse that is probably no less than $100. Get her purse up off of the floor and in sight with a purse hanger or purse hook. These cool inventions carefully latch onto the edge of a table and give your mom a place to hang her purse that contains all of her worldly possessions.

34. Easy open cork screw

Does your mother battle to get her wine bottle open? There is one thing that you never want to see and that is a wine loving mother who is having a difficult time getting into her bottle of liquid heaven. Get her a battery operated wine bottle opener. These devices take all of the hard work out of opening the wine bottle. Simply place it in the holder and push the button. The cork screw does the rest. No more struggling with the cork.

35. Hummingbird feeder

There is nothing more peaceful and enjoyable than to sit on the back deck and watch the hummingbirds fly past you to get a drink of the sweet nectar. Hummingbird feeders come in all shapes and sizes and are fairly inexpensive. You can also buy the humming bird food or just make your own by creating sugar water. Use a pot to boil sugar water and dilute it with water. Add coloring for additional effect.

36. Name a star after mom

Believe it or not, you can actually name a star after your mother. Yes, there is a service out there that will register your mother’s name to a unique star in the sky. No one else will have this star and it will be one of a kind, just like your mother. Naming a star after her will set you back about $40 and comes with a star gift box that she can have to hold. This will give her information on her star.

37. Herb garden for cooking

Does your mother love to use fresh herbs in her cooking? Now you can plant her herb garden and watch it grow with her. Herb gardens can be small and grown in the kitchen with a grow light. She can plant everything from rosemary to basil. There is nothing finer than to eat food that was prepared with fresh herbs and veggies. Any mom who appreciates gardening and fresh food will like this gift idea.

38. Personalized purse mirrors

How many times a day does your mother look in the mirror? Most moms look at their self several times during the average day. Why not get her a mirror for her purse and not just any ordinary mirror. Get her one that has her name etched in the glass. Perhaps you can also include a special message to go with the mirror. These mirrors are compact and can easily fit into her purse. Every time she breaks it out she will be reminded of her son or daughter who gave it to her.

39. A food gift basket

Making a personalized gift basket for your mom is one idea that any mother can appreciate. Gift baskets are easy to personalize and you can place your personal touch by inserting gifts that are unique to your mother. For instance, if she loves her wine get her a gift basket with a couple bottles of wine and a variety of good chesses. You can also throw in a small cheese board that she can use to cut her cheese.

40. Flower boxes

Small flower boxes make a great mother’s day gift idea that she will surely love. Pick out a flower box, some soil and a few plants. Take the box over to your mother’s house on mother’s day and spend the day creating a beautiful arrangement that she will love for many more years to come. Pick out lots of perennials so that she can enjoy the plants year after year. Tulip gardens make a great gift so keep this in mind if you are having a difficult time picking out plants.

41. Stylish watch

Your mom will always know what time it is when you pick her up a stylish watch. Watches make great gifts for women because the possibilities are endless. You can pick out just about any type of watch to go with her wardrobe. Get her a watch for dressing up and one of everyday dressing down. One can be fairly inexpensive while the other may cost a few dollars. Remember to buy quality when you are purchasing a watch so that she will always have accurate time.

42. Family tree photo poster

Here is a gift that you can go in on with all of your brothers and sisters. Use a photo editing software to create a family tree using pictures off all your brothers and sisters along with their children. Be creative and make a collage in the shape of a family tree. This will always remind mom of all the lives that she made possible by simply having a few children. Blow this picture up into a poster at your local print shop. This should cost you less than $50 and will be a great personalized gift.

43. Photo throw blanket

The other day I was at the Walmart photo center and saw personalized photo throw blankets. These images were not simply ironed onto a blanket but are actually created using different color thread. Find an old photograph of you and your mother. Ensure that the quality is fairly decent. Bring it to your local wally world and they will have the image shipped off and created into a small throw blanket. Be sure to do this early to avoid not having your gift by mother’s day.

44. Her favorite book

Stop by Barnes and noble and pick up a copy of her favorite book. Actually, she probably already owns her favorite book so think of something that she would enjoy reading and pick it up for her. Reading a book can be fun and relaxing and is something that she will likely enjoy. If you have a little bit of time you can even save some money by purchasing used off websites such as half.com

45. Nice jewelry box

Throughout the years you mother has likely collected quite a bit of jewelry. She may already have box to store it in but it could be overflowing and disorganized. Get her another box and help her organize her current jewelry box and put items in her new jewelry box. This can be a great gift idea for mother’s day that will get her jewelry back in order. Many larger department stores have great sales on boxes this time of year,

46. Comfortable pair of bedroom shoes

Does your mother have a home that rest on a concrete slab? Anyone who has this type of home knows that it is near impossible to make it through a winter without having something on your feet. Even homes with elevated floors and crawl spaces can get chilly on cold winter nights. Keep her warm with a comfortable pair of bedroom shoes or slippers. This is a great gift idea for any occasion.

47. Silver dangle earrings

Another popular jewelry item this mother’s day is the silver dangle earrings. These fashionable pieces are eye catching and are in style. Your mother will get complements all day long if you pick her up a pair of these while you are out mother’s day shopping. A good quality pair can be picked up for under $75 at most major department stores.

48. Silk Scarf to keep her warm

While this is not the best time of year to buy a scarf for her she can surely appreciate this gift idea when the winter comes around and she if feeling the chill. Scarves, especially silk ones make an excellent gift for any mother who is always cold. This article of clothing will keep her warm and can even be a fashion statement.

49. Safety whistle and mace

There is nothing more important than the safety of your mother. A couple simple items will ensure that she stays safe. First, get her a loud whistle that can be heard from a mile way. Whistles are an excellent line of defense against a would be attacker. Once she has blown her whistle she can spray the perpetrator with a can of mace. This carefully executed maneuver may one day save her life.

50. Deluxe pedicure gift set

Now your mother can give herself a quick pedicure anywhere she goes in just a few minutes without stopping by the nail salon. While there is nothing better than a professional job, she can give her self a quick job when she is unable to have it done professionally. These deluxe kits are available at a low price that is less than $50 and make the perfect gift for the traveling mom.

51. Amazon Kindle for the reader mom

Is your mom into reading? Perhaps she is still old fashion and enjoys reading a hard cover or paperback book. Introduce her to the 21st century by getting her the Amazon Kindle. The price of these devices has significantly dropped in recent years as competition form rival Apple and Barnes and Noble Nook have set in. The Kindle will allow her to purchase books or even borrow them for free at the public library. Downloading a book only takes a few seconds and is much more convenient than visiting the library.

52. Conair lllunina Make up mirror

If your mom is into makeup she will need something more than just a bathroom to apply her face. The Conair lllunina make up mirror features three mirrors along with four super bright lights. This device will be sure to shed some light on your mother’s makeup application. People from all over are raving about this device and your mom can be the next one to try it. Simply plug it in and she will instantly have great lighting no matter what time of the day it is.

53. California Baby super sensitive shampoo and body wash

Does your mother have super sensitive skin? Perhaps she can benefit from this new shampoo and body wash made by California baby. It is specially formulated for those who have skin sensitivity issues. A bottle of this stuff can be a real life saver for anyone who has ever experienced skin issues in the past. The reviews are in and folks are raving about how great this stuff is.

54. Crystal vase for her flower

Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful crystal vase. Crystal is the ultimate when it comes to something to put her flowers in. This item can be used year around whether she is arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the holidays or it can sit beautifully poised as a decoration in her china closet. Give this to her with a fresh flower bouquet in it and this makes two gifts in one.

55. Ice tea pitcher for hot summer days

There is nothing more refreshing than ice tea in the summer time. Your mom can skip the McDonald’s tea and create her own at home using her own special ingredients. While making sweet tea you can control the amount of sugar that goes into your drink, making it the ideal gift for the mom who is looking to lose a little weight. Pick up an ice tea pitcher from your favorite kitchen store such as Bed Bath and Beyond.

56. Beach Basket

Pick up a basket from your local retailer and begin to fill it with beach items such as towels and sun tan lotion. You may want to throw in a best seller book so that she can read while lying out on the beach. Moms love romantic novels so this may be a great choice if she is into it. This makes the perfect gift for any sun loving mom who is looking to make a weekend getaway to the beach for a little bit of sunshine action.

57. Designer sun glasses

It is a fact that the sun will shine sometime in the future. Knowing this, there is no better gift to get your mother than a designer pair of sun glasses. The sunglass industry is huge and there a larger selection than ever when it comes to buying sunglasses. You can even get a great pair of knock off glasses for a real reasonable price. Mom will never know that she is wearing a pair of china made glasses.

58. South West Airline gift card

Perhaps your mother lives several miles away and you would like to see her. What better gift to give her than a gift certificate to her favorite airline such as Southwest. Southwest often offers some really great deals on flights for under $100. Pick her up a ticket or a certificate for her to fly to you on mother’s day. What better gift to give your mom than the gift of spending time with you. While she is there you can prepare a nice dinner and spend some quality time with your dear mother.

59. Tickets to a live performance

Whether you mom is interested in a band, play, or murder mystery dinner, you can get her a ticket to a live performance that she can share with you or your father. Live performances are always fun and exciting and are usually under $50 per ticket. Your mother has likely not been to a live performance in many years and this will be a great opportunity for her to get out of the house.

60. Hamilton beach slow cooker crock pot

Many moms love to cook meals for the whole family. How about buying her a nice programmable slow cooker and cooking a great meal for you and her. Wrap the slow cooker up along with other key ingredients in your planned dinner. Take it to her, have her open it and prepare a nice dinner for the two of you. Your mother can freeze the remaining leftovers for later consumption.

61. Just Dance 3 for the Nintendo Wii

Introduce your mother to a new type of gaming in the Nintendo Wii. Just dance is a popular game that has music from just about every generation. There will surly be quite a few songs from your mom’s generation that she will have a blast dancing to. It will bring her back to her youth when she was young and into dancing. For around $30 you really can’t go wrong with this high tech gift idea.

62. Freshwater pearl earrings for mom

Earrings make an excellent gift for any occasion, especially mother’s day. Pick your mother up a set of freshwater pearl earring and she will get complements everywhere she goes. Fresh water pearls are naturally beautiful and affordable to anyone who may be on a tight budget. Many big box retailers have specials on these earrings around the beginning of the month of May so keep a look out for advertised specials.

63. Pandora bracelet charms

There is a new fad when it comes to jewelry and that is the Pandora bracelet. If you mom already has one of these bracelets then simply get her a charm that expresses your love and appreciation for her. Pandora charms are generally constructed of sterling silver and are an affordable and meaningful gift. You can get her one for mother’s day, her birthday and Christmas this year. This will be sure to start many conversations between your mom and other people.

64. Feather hair extensions

Your mother has probably heard about this but has been hesitant to try. Feather hair extensions are sweeping the nation and everywhere you look there is someone getting this done to their hair. If you do not know already, these feather extensions are bits of feather that are braded into ones hair making a colorful expression. These are typically installed in a professional salon by someone who has experience installing them. Pick her up a gift certificate for a hair salon today.

65. A day at the spa

Every mother needs a little downtime to relax. What better way to do this than to get her a day package at the spa. Every year around Valentines Day and mothers day spa resorts offer incredible discount packages to new customers. It is best to purchase this for your mother and then advise her to wait a couple of months before using it. Typically what happens is that everyone comes in with these certificates shortly after mother’s day and she will have a significant wait?

66. A Collection of oldies

Your mom has to love oldies or classic music so why not give her what she loves. There are varieties of CD box sets available for purchase that will give her hours of listening enjoyment. Is she into Elvis? There are plenty of these box sets available. You can get some incredible deals on gently used cds so you may be able to pick up a couple box sets for her. Be creative with this one and she will love you forever.

67. Wine club of the month

Here is a unique gift idea that keeps on giving month after month. Enroll her in wine club of the month and she can receive a bottle of wine in the mail each month to enjoy. This makes a great gift idea for any mom who loves an occasional glass of wine or perhaps is a wine lover. Whatever the case may be, she will enjoy receiving a bottle in the mail from a local winery. There are lots of great wineries to choose from on the east coast in the state of Virginia. Take a trip and visit the wine trails for yourself.

68. Wine tasting

Here’s a unique idea for mother’s day that is fun and exciting. Take your mother wine tasting on the wine trails. For less than $100 the two of you can hop from winery to winery sampling all of the sweet grapes that they have to offer. Wine tasting is an event that she can also do with all of her friends. Get her a certificate to several wineries and let her go with her friends. The choice is up to you.

69. Personalized architecture frame

You have probably seen these pictures before of someone’s name spelled out with objects. Take some picture of a place of significance such as her home and spell out her name. Take the photos in black and white and have them developed at your favorite photo developing center. Next, create a custom picture frame and put all of these pictures together. Not very creative? There are plenty of services out there that will gladly do this for you.

70. Victoria Secrets gift card

Listen people, even mom need to buy underwear from time to time. As difficult as it is to imagine your mother in underwear, there is a good chance that she sports it from time to time. Instead of picking some out for her, why not get her a Victoria Secrets gift card. These cards make a great gift for any occasion, even mother’s day. If your mom us use to wearing cheap undergarments this will be a great gift idea for her.

71. The iPod

For years now, moms from all over have had the iPod on their wish list and this gift idea is still strong today. Giving the gift of music is worthless unless she has something to play her songs on. The iPod Mp3 player is an electronic device that will play all of your mothers favorite digital formatted songs. These days, you can find one of these for less than $80 for the simple model. Think about how much storage space she will need before making a purchase decision.

72. Create a scavenger hunt for mom

Here is a fun gift idea that your mom will enjoy. Create a scavenger hunt using various items that she will recognize from your childhood. Lead her all around town until you arrive at her final destination which may be somewhere such as a nail salon or somewhere that she can get her hair done. The possibilities are endless with this great gift idea that will have her hunting all around town for her gift.

73. Take her to a culture event

In just about every city there are culture events each year. Learning about other cultures can be a fun and exciting experience that any mother would enjoy. Take her to this event and sample cultural food and learn how different cultures live. This will also present a great opportunity for the two of you to spend time together. Best of all, most of these events are free or only cost a few bucks.

74. Take her to the movies

Any mother would love to spend the day at the movies with their son or daughter. Pick a movie that the two of you will enjoy and pick up a pair of tickets for a Friday or Saturday night. She will be surprised when you show up to her home on a boring Saturday night and present these tickets for two. This makes the ultimate mothers day gift when combine with another gift such as dinner.

75. Dinner for two

Plan a nice dinner for you and your mother. A good home cooked meal can be a great time to catch up with years past and talk about the good old days. Impress mom with your cooking skills when you prepare dinner. Combine this with a cd of her favorite music and she will be on cloud nine. There is nothing better than a good dinner with family members and good discussion.

76. Buy her a mushroom garden

Does you mother love to eat the edible fungi? There is nothing fresher than home grown mushrooms. Right now you can buy her an all in one mushroom kit that includes everything that she will need to become a mushroom farmer. This kit has everything from the actual garden box to the soil and mushroom spores. She simply lightly waters her shroom garden twice a day and within 10 days she will have her first crop. What a great gift idea for under $20.

77. Keep moms kitchen sink germ free with the spongester

Have you ever wondered about the number of germs that linger in the average dish sponge? Think about it, a sponge is a porous material that is constantly wet. Germs mold and bacteria love this environment. Get your mothers sponge off of the sink and up in the air with the spongester. This clever device allows a sponge to breathe so that it can quickly dry out, leaving a healthy germ free sponge. Made of industrial stainless steel, this product will not rust.

78. Agate Coaster set

Anyone who has ever seen agate will tell you that it is one of the most amazing mineral rocks ever discovered. Each agate is unique (just like your mother) and have colorful designs that are sure to catch anyone’s attention. The agate coaster set comes in a set of four brilliantly cut coasters. This would be an excellent edition to your mother’s house that will add color to her living room.

79. Get her socks

While this may be one of the most boring gifts you can possibly get someone it is indeed practical. If your mother is not into fancy things and likes to stick to the basics, this gift may be for her. Choose from standard ankle socks to the more elaborate toe sock design. Socks are an everyday part of life and she will go head over heals for a great pair of sox to add to her wardrobe. Spend a little cash and get her something comfortable.

80. Personalized keepsake sculpture

If you are looking for a personalized gift that will mean a lot to your mother, why not give her a special engraved message that will last for hundreds of years to come. The keepsake sculpture allows you to create a personalized message and have it etched into a piece of glass that is formed into the shape of a stone. Your mother will be in tears when she reads the special message that you give her.

81. Get personal with a talking toilet paper spindle

Here is a clever gift idea that will get your mothers attention. Pick her up the talking toilet paper spindle and record a clever message. Sneak into her bathroom and replace her conventional toilet paper roll with this one. When you mother goes to pull off a piece of paper she will be greeted with your personalized message. What a clever idea!

82. A gift that is out of this world

Perhaps you have dreamed of buying a piece of land for your mother but simply do not have the funds. Now you can purchase 1 acre of land from planet mars. This package comes with a deed to the land and gives you the exact location of where your mother’s acre will be. She can tell everyone that she is now the proud owner of a piece of land on another planet. What a one of a kind unique idea for mother’s day.

83. Stay cool with the bed fan

Is your mother old school, refusing to use the air conditioning. Keep her cool at night at a fraction of the cost of AC. The bed fan is available from Brookstone and attaches to the end of your mothers bed. It shoots a cool breeze between the sheets, right where she needs it the most. This device is fairly effective and inexpensive. This is a great idea for the mother who has everything but a cool bed to sleep in.

84. OCD cutting board

Does your mother have OCD. Millions of people around the world are affected by this life altering illness. Perhaps she likes to cook and would like all of her carrots and celery sticks to be exactly the same. Now she can get her wish with the ocd cutting board. This board has measurements that allow her to cut the exact same length each and every time. At the next family gathering everyone will know which dish your OCD mother brought.

85. Charging station for portable electronics

This is a must have for any mother who has multiple electronic devices such a cell phones, mp3 players, e readers, etc. A charging station allows her to have all of her devices in one area, neat and organized. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that she can conceal off of her unsightly wires, giving a near clean appearance. There are various types of charging stations available so shop around.

86. Moss terrarium

One of the most amazing live plants is moss. This stuff can grow in areas where there is not a lot of sunlight. In fact, it actually flourishes in such areas. While moss may not be desired in your mother’s garden, she will appreciate having her own moss terrarium in her kitchen. She can car for and watch her moss terrarium grow from nothing to a beautiful display of moss! A great gift idea for under $40.

87. Hourglass wine glasses.

What a cool idea for the mother who enjoys a bottle of wine once and a while. The hourglass wine glass combines a wine glass with an hour glass in the handle. Now your mother can sit back, drink a glass of wine and watch time fly by. This can serve as a reminder of time well spent. Your mother will be amazed with this creative idea and she will wonder why she didn’t get a set years ago.

88. A bird house.

Is your mother a lover of nature? Does she like to sit on the back deck and watch the birds fly by? A bird house may be the perfect gift for her that will allow her to provide shelter for all of her feathery friends. If you are creative and handy you can build your own. For most, this is not an option. Premade bird houses are available for a price. You can purchase them at big box retailers or local businesses.

89. Bird feeder

Once your mother has established a home for her birds she will probably want to feed them. Feeding birds will keep them in her yard so that she can enjoy looking at them each and every day. You can combine this gift with a bag of high quality bird food or perhaps a bird house or maybe a pair of binoculars. The possibilities are endless when you are looking for this type of gift for your mother.

90. Dinner and a movie

Perhaps your mother has not been out for dinner and a movie in years. Make this mothers day one to remember with dinner and movie. Pick her favorite restaurant and take her to dinner. Surprise her afterwards with two tickets to the movie theater. This mothers day gift ideas will take her back to her younger days and will be one that she will surely enjoy especially with her son or daughter.

91. Plant a rose garden

There is nothing more beautiful than a rose garden blooming in the spring time. Why not create one of these for your mother. Stop by your favorite home improvement center or nursery and pick out a beautiful colorful arrangement of flowers. Amend the soil and plant them in her yard. Be sure to fertilize and mulch to give her new rose bushes the best chance at survival. Year after year your mother will think about you when her rose bushes come out.

92. Spend a day with mom

The single best gift that you can give any mother is to spend the day with her. Plan a day which includes fun activities and dining. Catch up on old times and while you are at it you can remind your mother just how much she means to you. This gift idea will have a lasting impression that she will remember for many more years to come. Spending time with mom is what this special day is all about.

93. Take mom to the beach

There is one place that you mother surely loves and that is the beach. If you live near the water take her on a daytrip to the beach. Pack a lunch and fill up the gas tank. For less than $100 you can take a day trip to the beach, giving your mother a memory that she will not forget. In addition, buy her a great book to read at the beach. Get an idea of what she likes to read and then pick a book up for her.

94. Get her hair styled

Is your mother in need of a new style? Does she still sport the same hair style form 1986? Maybe it is time to take her to the hair salon and pay a few bucks for an update. Many moms will object to the new look so you must surprise her by taking her on a mystery trip. Drive around and pull into a reputable hair salon. She will be excited with her new look.

95. Total makeover for mom

Perhaps you mother needs more than a hair cut. Take her to the beauty section at Belk and have her try on some new makeup. You usually have to have an appointment scheduled in order to be seen but sometimes you can simply walk in, depending on how busy the lady behind the counter is. The three of your can sit down and discuss the different options for your mom. She will feel good and look great afterwards.

96. Concert tickets to her favorite singer

It has probably been a while since your mother has been to a good concert. See where her favorite singer is playing and book tickets for two. You can enjoy hours of great conversation going to the venue and also give her a memory that will last for a lifetime. This can be a great gift for just about every occasion including Christmas or birthdays.

97. DVR recorder

Your mom will never have to miss another show again when you get her a dvr recorder. This technology has been around for a little while so it is fairly inexpensive. Get her one that records on a removable dvr disc so she can take it with her anywhere she goes. She can pop the disc in her laptop and watch all of her favorite TV shows and movies. Your mom will never miss another episode of her favorite drama show.

98. Tattoos are not just for the young

Perhaps your elderly mother has always wanted a tattoo but never got inked. Well, it is never too late to get a tattoo even if you are 60 years old. First see if she is interested in getting a tattoo and if she says yes schedule an appointment with a good artist. Start with something small that she will be proud to display. You never know, she may get another afterwards.

99. A weather station

Does the weather interest your mom? Perhaps she is trying to determine just how hot it is outside but doesn’t want to wait 10 minutes for the weather channel to tell her so. A weather station can give the inside and outside temperature and humidity levels. Some are even good at predicting the weather, giving an accurate rain forecast based on change in barometric pressure. These devices can be purchased for as little as $20 online.

100. Air purifier

One of the most important factors that affect everyday life is the quality of air that we breathe. If your mother lives in a dusty house then perhaps it is time to get her an air purifier. These devices can be purchased for less than $100 and can provide clean breathable air in your mother’s living space. This is a really great gift idea if your mother has animals such as dogs or cats that constantly shed.

101. Electric fly swatter

Your moms swing may not be as good as it once was. Instead of having her pull her arm out swinging, get her an electric fly swatter. These devices are similar to a tennis racket but send an electric impulse on command. Your mother just pushed the button then touches the fly. The fly instantly drops to the ground with little effort. These are really great for the elderly who are unable to do all of the things they once did.


Have you been thinking about getting into a new car but believe that you can not afford one? If a new car is not affordable then why not consider purchasing a used one. Today, thousands of people are looking to purchase a used car in order to save thousands of dollars each year. Even someone who has very little money can purchase a used car for little to nothing. This time of year, many are getting tax refund checks and this money can be applied towards a used car.

Perhaps you only have $1000 from your tax refund and are looking for something to ride around in until you can afford something else. Buying a car on Craigslist is one of the least expensive options when it comes to picking up basic transportation. I have heard many people say that it is impossible to buy a used car this cheap but as a seasoned used car buyer and seller, I can honestly say that I have purchased and sold many used cars at this price. If you are ready to learn how, grab a notebook and start taking notes.

Finding a $1,000 Car

Lets face it, there are a few dozen others currently looking for a $1000 car deal on Craigslist. Don’t let this discourage. Out of all of theses car buyers, very few have what it takes to successfully recognize and purchase a used car. The first thing that you should do is use the search field on craigslist cars to enter the price range between $500 and $1,300. I say $1300 instead of $1000 because there is always room for negotiating and a seller will come down on their price if they really need to sell. Once you have completed a search you may be surprised with the number of search results that you find. On the other hand, you may be disappointed because you did not find enough. Generally speaking, larger cities are going to have more sellers overall so if you can not find what you are looking for in your city, try the closest large city to you.

Go through each and every listing to see what you have. Take notes one each car and try to figure out why these cars are selling so low. If the answer is not immediately noticeable, contact the sealer and see if the vehicle has any problems. It may be the case that it just has a lot of miles and the seller really needs to sell.

Make a list and contact each seller to set up a time to see the car. Try to combine appointments so that you are not driving extremely far to see just one car. Once you have looked at all of them, you should see if you may be interested in any of them. Make a decision and make the seller an offer.  Buying a used car for under $1000 on craigslist is just that easy.


Craigslist Cars Popular Once Again In 2012

There are more reasons than ever to buy a used craigslist car. With the economy still in a slump and credit becoming more difficult to obtain, many people are turning to purchasing used cars. Before going out there and throwing your money at the first person that you encounter on craigslist, take into consideration these simple tips that can really save you a lot of money and headache.

Shop Locally In Your Hometown

Lets face it, time is money and you simply can not afford to spend your time driving around the entire state looking at craigslist cars. More than likely, there are a ton of great cars that are only a few minutes away. Get started by grabbing a map and familiarizing yourself with all of the cities and towns around you. Use this information when you are searching around Craigs List for that used car. Most advertisements will list the city in which the vehicle is located so that you can choose all those around you and avoid the ones that are a considerable distance away. It is generally wise to only travel about 25 miles to find a vehicle. This may be a difficult task if you live in a rural area. If this is the case, you may want to plan out a trip and take a weekend to travel and shop around for a used car. Take along a GPS and optimize your trip so that you can hit each location in the most efficient method possible. Try not to spend too much time car shopping. You however do not want to rush it while making a decision. Be sure to look at several dozen cars before making a choice. Doing so will pay off in many ways. Don’t set anything less than what you desire. There are plenty of cars out there to choose from so you can afford to be somewhat picky.

Don’t Pay Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make when purchasing a used car is to pay too much for it. There have been times where I have paid too much for a car and ended passing the cost down to the car buyer. One thing is for sure and that is someone will eventually come along and gladly pay too much for a particular car. Take a look at how much a car is worth to get an idea of what you should be paying for a particular car. There are a lot of other guides out there that can assist you with this. It is also a great idea to check the local competition to see what everyone else is looking to get for their car. Check out the Autotrader and even the classified section in your local newspaper. Do your homework and you can avoid buyers regret when you pay too much for that used car. It only takes a few minutes to do the research but the savings can be really tremendous. Practice by choosing a particular car from craigslist and compare it to the book value and other cars in the area. Does it compare closely or would you have paid too much for it. After doing a few cars you will quickly get a ballpark idea of what you should be paying for a particular model and year in your area.

 Get A Vehicle History Report

Get a Carfax Report you would otherwise not know. There is a great website that provides vehicle history reports at a great low price. Get to know your car before making the final purchase decision. There are many things that can go wrong when buying a used car on Craigslist. One thing that you should avoid doing is purchasing a used car that has a salvage title history. While you can really get a great deal on these car, it is usually not worth the hassle when it comes to resale. Many people refuse to buy a car with a salvage title history for this reason. If it is in fact a totaled car, “total loss” will usually be posted on the title. This is not always true. Check your local department of motor vehicles to see what their policy is on totaled cars, also known as salvage vehicle.

Here are a few other pointers that you may want to consider:

  • Shop around to find the best deal
  • Take a friend for safety reasons
  • Don’s fall for silly scams on the Internet
  • Trust you instincts
  • Have your car check out by a mechanic before buying
  • Perform a Vehicle History report. I will be well worth the money and bring peace of mind
  • If you have an older car, sell it on Craigslist instead of trading it in. You will get the money money when you do it this way
  • If you are not familiar with the car buying process, grab a friend who is.
  • Avoid deceptive ads that lead to nowhere. They are usually easy to spot and can be found with a bit of practice
  • Never send anyone money through wire transfer. This is almost always a scam and you will lose your money

No matter what time of year it is, you can snag a great deal on a used car. Never settle for anything less than what you expect from a used car. By purchasing an automobile this way you can save a ton of money now and in the long run. Stop paying too much for that car. Get a good used car and save you money.



The official holiday shopping season is almost here and major retailers such as Macy’s are getting geared up for what is predicted to be a great season for retailers, despite the difficult economic times. Already, AAA is estimating that there will be about 3.8% more travelers on the road this year, even with high gas prices and unemployment ravaging many cities across the nation.

Macy’s has stepped up to the plate and is ready to supply the demand for holiday trinkets and gizmos. No matter who you are shopping for, you can save up to 60% everything from clothes to jewelry and kitchen appliances. There are even some incredible deals on electronics and toys. Here are a few highlights that you can look forward to during the Macy’s after thanksgiving sale this year.


Charter Club Cashmere Crewneck Sweaters on sale for $39.99 (Reg. $109)

Select Women’s Coats – Plus and Petite sizes $79.99 –  $129.99 (Reg. $195-$300)

Guess Cold Weather Boots 50% off!

Rampage Boots $19.99 (Reg. $49-$59)

Marc Fisher, Nine West select boots $69.99 (Reg. $109-$139)

Carter Club Cashmere Cardigans $59.99 (Reg. $139)

Charter Club Plaid Cashmere Scarf $51.99 (Reg. $88)

Style&Co Tummy Control Jeans $19.99-$29.99 (Reg. $49.99-$59)


Select Alfani, Oscar de la Renta & Geoffrey Benne Sweaters $21.99 (Reg. $59.50-$21.99)

Select Boots 20% Off

Select Outerwear 20% Off

Select Famous Maker Suits $199! (Reg. $650)

Geoffrey Benne Dress Shirts & Ties $24.99 (Reg. $52.50-$55)

Select Famous Maker Blazers $129 (Reg.$350)

American Rag Flannel Shirts $19.99 (Reg. $39.50)

Izod, London Fog, and Famous Maker Overcoats $99.99 (Reg. $300-$350)

Alfani Red & Izod Sport Coats $69.99 (Reg $250)


14k White Gold Pave Diamond Stud Earrings ½ ct $199 (Reg. $600)

Sterling Silver Diamond ¼ ct Oval Hoop Earrings $39.99 (Reg. 160)

Freshwater Two Row Cultured Necklace in Sterling Silver $69 (Reg. $300)

14k White Gold Stud Earrings with Black 2ct Diamond $399 (Reg. $900)

14k White gold Green Quartz 1 1/10 ct with 1/5 ct diamond $199 (Reg. $600)

14k Gold Diamond Accent Earrings $149 (Reg. $600)

14k White gold 1ct Diamond Studs $599 (Reg. $1,500)

14k Gold Round-Cut and Baguette Diamond Bypass Ring $899 (Reg $2,200)

14k White Gold Round Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace $499 (Reg. $1000)


Select Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles and Expresso Makers 40% off

Circulon 2 11 piece cookware set $99 (Reg. 229.99)

Dyson Vacuums $289.99 – $549.99 (Reg. $449.99 –  $749.99)

KitchenAid 4.5 Quart Mixer $199.99 (Reg. $2.99)

Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor $68.99 (Regular $149.99)

Select Blenders 40% Off

Bella Juicer $29.99 After Mail in Rebate (Reg. $99.99)

Wusthof Silverpoint Cutlery Set 18 Piece $149.99 (Regular $499.99)


Kodak M577 Digital Camera 14 MP $99.99 (Reg. $139.95)

Money Jars 60% 0ff

Remote Control Helicopters 60% Off

Remote Control Cars 50% Off

Sharper Image iPhone and iPad Dock 50% Off

Select Interactive Games 50% Off

These are only a few items that will be sold at incredibly low prices this Black Friday. In just a few hours, Macy’s will announce the remainder their sale items along with all of the other retailers such as Walmart, Sears, Lowes, Target, Walgreens, Kmart, JcPenny and many more.

The day after thanksgiving sale is a great time to pick up Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Many retailers will be opening their doors at Midnight or even sooner to accommodate shoppers. Shop till you drop this holiday season and enjoy all of the incredible sales that are being offered.



After the release of government reports indicating that crop such as soybean, wheat, and corn are getting smaller, the price of these grains reached their highest level since 2008. In addition to the smaller crops being produced, an increasing demand for food is also contributing to the rising prices. Worldwide grain inventories are quickly diminishing. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the supply of grain is expected to drop 2.2% in 2011. To contribute to the problem, many areas such as Ukraine, Europe, United States, and Russia are experiencing a drought, reducing output.

The price of grain such as corn affects the price of all food because this grain is a key ingredient to feed livestock. The increasing cost to feed livestock will ultimately be passed down to the customer. The corn has increased nearly 90% in the past year and wheat is up above 80% and soybeans prices increase 50%. Simply stated, the supply of grains being produced is not keeping up with global demand.

According to a report released by the United Nations, the price of food will continue to rise around 2011. So far this month, corn futures for March have risen 4% while soybeans futures for March increased 1.3% and rice is up 2.1%.

Companies such as Tyson Foods will be faced with the increasing cost to feed their livestock. These companies are expected to post smaller gains this year due to the increase.

Today, the GSCI agriculture Index reached 567.7. This index keeps track of eight commodities including cocoa, sugar, coffee, and cotton.

Author: John Zinsky