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Rent to own a big screen flat panel lcd tv – Make low weekly or biweekly payments at Rent A Center

Didn’t get the big screen flat panel lcd tv that you wanted for Christmas? Perhaps you were running a little low on cash this holiday season and don’t have the credit to obtain a small loan or credit card? Don’t let your credit issues stand in the way of purchasing the electronics that you and your family deserves.

When credit problems put prevent you from purchasing the things that you need check out what rent to own facilities such as Rent A Center has to offer. Rent A Center provides name brand appliances, electronics, and furniture to individuals with less than perfect credit. In fact, they never even perform a credit check so bad credit is never an issue. Owning that big screen television that you once only dreamed of can now become reality.

There are several benefits of renting to own. As mentioned already, renting to own usually requires no credit checks. It is as simple as walking in, picking out the things that you need, and walking out the door with a payment plan. Another benefit of renting to own is the ability to make small weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments. Flexible payments are great because not everyone gets paid at the same time. Making a few small payments per month is better in some cases.

One of the greatest benefits that Rent A Center offers is protection if you lose your job. If you are renting to own and happen to lose your job or have some other change the prevents you from making your payments on time, Rent A Center will pick up your items free of charge. Whenever you situation improves Rent A Center will drop your items off and you can pick payments up where you left off. They offer this program free of charge which is an excellent perk in this struggling economy as unemployment soars above 10%.

Rent A Center is often criticized for pricing their merchandise higher than other furniture and electronic stores. Critics often quote the price if one were to make the minimum payment for the longest period of time. The truth is that most RAC customers use the SAC or early payout option when making their purchase. By using this method you can pay off your purchase within 90 days. The overall cost of what you purchase is significantly reduced whenever you use this method.

Get ready for this years super bowl and purchase your LCD tv from Rent A Center or another rent to own center. Rent to own centers offer flexible payments, free delivery, no credit checks, price matching and some even offer job loss protection.

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Author: Karla Kessler

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