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E-file your taxes with free Turbo Tax online 100% completely free tax filing – Free federal and state tax filing online

Saving money in life can be as simple as making small financial decisions each day. Should I purchase my coffee from Starbucks or make it from home? Should I go to the movie theater or rent a DVD? Should I file my taxes online for free or pay someone to do them? All of these question that you must ask yourself every day will ultimately determine your financial wellbeing.

Filing your taxes online using a free file program such as free Turbo Tax online is one of those small financial decisions that you can make this year. Free file programs are available to anyone who qualifies. In order to qualify with most free file websites, your income must be less than $57,000 per year. Other restrictions such as age and filing status vary by website.

With free federal tax filing, you are able to prepare and submit your taxes to the IRS from the comfort of your home computer. You never have to fill out any forms with e-filing and you will enjoy your refund much earlier than if you were to submit a paper tax form by mail. Filing your taxes online is safe and secure, so there is no need to worry about your personal information being stolen. All online tax filing websites should use a secure internet connection to ensure that your information is safe.

Turbo Tax free file is not the only free file website that offers free tax filing. There are dozens of other websites that allow you to prepare your taxes for free. H&R Block, Tax Act, Tax Slayer, and Jackson Hewitt are just a few examples of many free tax filing websites who offer free file. To search for free file websites, visit the official IRS websites.

Author: Mike Smitt

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