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Easter resurrection egg story egg carton for Christian Easter Sunday – Easter Jesus resurrection story told with plastic eggs

A popular way for children to learn and share the story of Easter and Jesus’ resurrection is the Easter resurrection egg story. This fun Easter activity allows your children to be creative while learning one of the most important stories in the Christian religion.

To create this fun and exciting activity, you are going to need a foam egg carton, 12 plastic eggs, and various items to fill each egg. Each egg contains a verse from the bible and an item that corresponds to the verse. For instance, one of the eggs contains a piece of thorn and the verse from Matthew 27:29 “Then they made a crown out of thorny branches and placed it on his head…”

Number your eggs and fill your eggs with pennies, bread, a red cloth, sticks, string (whip), cross, nails, sponge, a spear, a pebble, and leave the last one empty. The empty egg represents Jesus rising from the dead.

Use the following verses:

Matthew 21:1-11
John 12:2-8
Matthew 26:17-19
Matthew 27:3
John 19:17
John 19:12
John 19:23
John 19:18,37
Matthew 27:34
John 19:40
John 20:1
Matthew 28:6

Your children will have fun and be creative while participating in this activity. Easter resurrection eggs are not only a cool activity, but it also provides hours of fun at a low cost.

Author: Carla Kessler

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