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Best prepaid cell phone plans from Verizon, Sprint, Straight talk, Cricket wireless, t-mobile, radio shack, ATT, Alltel, net 10 and Tracfone

Did you hear the news? Many people are making the switch to prepaid cellular phones because for a variety of reasons. Prepaid cell phones originally entered the market as an alternative for those with bad credit who could otherwise not get cell phone service. Today, some folks are dropping their postpaid phone service in exchange for a prepaid service for several reasons.

With most prepaid services, there is no contact to sign, no monthly surprises on your bill, and the rates are finally comparable to regular phone service. When you use a prepaid service, you pay your money up front and have no worries afterwards. This is especially good if you have children who use the phone and can quickly run up your minutes.

Prepaid service plans start as low as $30 per month for 1000 plus minutes and nation wide coverage. When shopping for a prepaid phone, be sure that the provider that you select has coverage in the area that you are interested. Today, most phone companies provide fairly good coverage nationwide.

Prepaid cell phones are quickly gaining market shares as people are making the switch to a more affordable alternative that provides the same service for a fraction of the cost.

Author: Abdullah Patel

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