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AT&T U-verse vs Time Warner Cable review– Price comparison for internet, high speed internet and cable services

UPDATE (11-14-10): After using the U-verse service for about four months with the standard definition television, I have decided to upgrade to a high definition television. Once I installed the television, I simply called up AT&T and told them that I was interested in high definition service. They then offered free HD service for a month. Once I agreed, my HD service was remotely activated and I started receiving an HD signal within a few hours.

After going through the high definition channels, I quickly became disappointed with the high-definition service. While some channels come in fairly clear, there are many that are not so clear. This is especially evident whenever watching fast motion such as sports. The best way to describe the picture is that there is a blur with fast motion and some of the channels are rather pixilated. After contacting AT&T, I was told the there wasn’t anything that can be done about the signal.

I have heard that satellite services such as DirecTV offer a much higher quality high-definition signal. I’m currently considering keeping the AT&T Internet and phone service while switching over to another cable provider. Check back for an update on my quest to find a better quality HD signal.

The battle is on between AT&T Uverse and cable companies such as Time Warner and Comcast. As a new AT&T customer, we are going to briefly review the price difference between the two when it comes to price.

Until recently, cable companies were the only service able to provide high speed internet, cable and phone service together for one great low price. AT&T has quietly been laying new fiber-optic lines in select areas, enabling the company to offer a similar package.

AT&T U-verse has recently come to our area and is actually offering fairly competitive prices when compared to Time Warner Cable. With no commitment required, Healthy Financial Habits decided to give U-verse a try. Here is what we found:

In a price comparison, AT&T is offering an introductory package that is similar to the cable company. They are offering prepaid gift cards that are valued up to $300 in addition to discounted service. In addition, they are offering some really great introductory rates. Cable is also offering similar introductory rates that are rather enticing. Time Warner is currently advertising their rates as low as $30 per service.

Here is a side by side comparison of the regular price of the two services:

Time Warner basic cable: $59.95 for around 70 channels
U-verse television- $54.00 for around 100 channels and $7 for each box after your first

Time Warner unlimited service: $39.95
U-verse phone service unlimited: $35.00

Time Warner high speed: $49.95 7mbps
U-verse high speed: $46.00 6 mbps

Prices are going to vary by location and package; however, the current rates are fairly competitive in comparison. In addition, promotional offers are also similar. In comparison, the two services are competitively priced. We should see prices decline in the coming months as the competition continues.

Healthy Financial habits has not used U-verse long enough to give a review of their service. Check back soon for a quality of service review in the coming months.

Author: Carla Kessler

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